Monday, May 19, 2008

First Ever Post

Hey Everyone (and by that I mean probably no one . . . because I just started this blog, and who really reads other peoples blogs anyways? Everyone is just concerned about them and their blog that no one reads, am I right?),

So this is my first ever post and I guess I should spend some time talking about what my blog is going to be about. I plan on using this space to publish any comments, ideas, opinions or links to or about anything that I think is cool or interesting in any way. It's not going to be a specific blog like many people write, you know, about their careers, or parenting, or their favorite band or their swinging, sexual, key-party lifestyle. Blog O'Blackmore is going to cover all of that and much more (or it might just be something I update a lot at first, then forget about, I don't know yet.)

Blog O'Blackmore (is the name really stupid and corny? Yes. Is it the first dumb thing I came up with that I'm now stuck with? Also, yes.) is mostly going to be where I comment on any and all of the wide gamut of crazy shit I come across on the big wide interweb. I'm hoping to sharpen my writing skills, meet some people that have the same interests and attitudes as me and maybe even learn a little about myself along the way.

Psych! I am me! I with me all the time, I know everything about me and there isn't anything else I can learn.

Now that I have totally lamed up my first blog post with pathetic attempts at humour, I am going to sign off before I can do any more damage.

Talk to you next time, loyal fans.