Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals: Game 1 - Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins - 5/24/08

I've decided to do a 4-7 part series covering the Stanley Cup Finals here on Blog O'Blackmore. I feel this fits in well with the blog theme - anything I want. No fair and balanced reporting here; I'm cheering for the Pens. Despite living in Michigan for 2 years, and despite the fact that my family still lives there. If it was Detroit versus any other team (except for the Leafs) it might be a different story, but I think this Penguins team has the talent to possibly become one of the greatest dynasties of our generation and it would be cool to see them win lots of Stanley Cups. I could tell my kids about watching the old Pens play the way my folks told me about the Oilers from the mid eighties.

So I'm disappointed by the results of the first game. I expected a lot better effort from Sydney Crosby and company. I think they only had 19 shots the whole game! Malkin is a hart trophy candidate this season but he sure didn't play like one last night. I give him the most disappointing player of Game 1 award.

I guess you have to give it to Detroit's defense for keeping the Pens at bay, and the few good chances they did get were well handled by Chris Osgoode.

I might edit this post between now and Game 2, so keep checking back. The highlights, courtesy TSN/YouTube are above. Watch for Fluery to fall down coming on the ice! He must have been a little too excited.