Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stanley Cup Finals: Game 5 - Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins - 6/02/08

OT Thriller!

A win is a win, and an overtime win in a game you didn't deserve, is even better.

Game 5 was HUGE game by Marc Andre Fleury! His saves kept me awake for all 3 overtime periods (as if the gravity of the situation wasn't excitement enough)

I say they bench Malkin for game 6. I know, I know, he helped set up the overtime winner - but he is a freaking liability out there! He needs to play better or not play. He has made some of the worst passes of any player in the series. Did you see that great one he made to Zetterberg during the 3rd?

Let's go Pens to force a game 7 on Wednesday night!